Upside Energy wins prestigious 2018 Ashden Award

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We are excited to announce that Upside Energy are one of the 2018 Ashden Award Winners for Energy Innovation.

Ten innovative organisations have been chosen from across the globe as the best in sustainable energy. Ashden work to encourage the growth of sustainable energy to tackle climate change and bring social and economic benefits to millions.

Upside Energy aims to reduce stress on the National Grid through its cloud-based Virtual Energy Store™. This aggregates flexible demand from systems such as domestic energy storage, heat pumps, electric vehicles and uninterruptable power supplies, which it sells to the National Grid, network operators and energy suppliers to help balance supply and demand. System owners and Upside Energy share in the revenue created.

The Virtual Energy Store™ helps the grid to cope with more renewable energy capacity, and shift electricity usage from peak to off-peak periods, reducing the use of some of the UK’s oldest, most polluting and expensive power stations. Upside Energy is the winner of the UK Impax Ashden Award for Energy Innovation.

For more context on the problem that Upside is trying to solve, and how they are doing it please see the link below: