Upside Energy helps Vertiv create new value streams for its customers

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Vertiv, a global leader in the design and management of critical infrastructure, is opening the door to new value streams for its UK customers, after selecting Upside Energy as a partner.

Upside Energy’s cloud-based Flexibility Platform will enable Vertiv customers in the UK with uninterrupted power supplies (UPS), to generate value and make savings with the unutilised capacity of their assets by providing this to the electricity grid.

As well as providing access to additional value streams, this will help the UK electricity grid run more efficiently and cost-effectively, particularly at times of peak demand. With energy consumption by data centres set to increase more than three times over the next 10 years, the partnership with Upside Energy will give Vertiv customers the opportunity to play an important role in preserving the energy availability and resilience of the grid.

According to Devrim Celal, CEO of Upside Energy, interest in this type of smart energy management is accelerating and will be increasingly important if the UK is to achieve its sustainability goals.

“We’re delighted to be working with Vertiv. Many of the company’s customers invest in UPS solutions as a source of emergency power, in the case of a power system failure or disruption. As such, the batteries are rarely used. By using our software, the batteries will no longer simply be acting as a backup. Their capabilities will be put to far greater use, providing flexibility to the UK electricity grid.

“This partnership will ensure Vertiv’s customers are getting the greatest return on their investment, while at the same time helping to build the smart energy network of the future.”

The UPS batteries will be constantly monitored and managed through the Vertiv Energy Store, powered by Upside Energy. This platform will allow users to see how their batteries are being used and that they are functioning properly. The system will continuously monitor the battery’s performance, to ensure they are always able to fulfil their primary mission, back up power.

Upside Energy’s software has the capability to provide demand response from over 100,000 devices or systems running in parallel. The company was awarded a prestigious Ashden Award in June 2018, in the category of Energy Innovation.

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