Testing vehicle-to-grid models at the HAVEN Project

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Upside Energy has partnered with Good Energy, the University of Salford and Honda for the Innovate UK funded HAVEN project.

The project will test how electric vehicle batteries and other battery storage units can impact home efficiency.

Funded by Innovate UK, the new project will use Salford University’s unique  Energy House, which is the only full-scale building in an environmental chamber in Europe. Named ‘HAVEN’, it will explore the use of electric vehicle (EV) batteries to provide flexibility to the energy system within the context of other systems in the home, such as batteries attached to solar panel arrays, heating and hot water systems.

Battery storage is vital to the continued growth of renewable energy in the UK, as it helps solve renewable sources’ reliability issue — the changeability of the weather. Vehicle-to-grid (V2G) technologies are a way of tapping into the storage capacity of electric vehicles.  By conducting tests within the controlled environment of the Energy House, the project will investigate different configurations to build a suite of models for the value of EV and other battery storage systems within an integrated home energy storage system.

You can find out more in this video: