Our customers and partners

We work with a wide range of partners from equipment manufacturers, National Grid and energy suppliers through to academia. Establishing and nurturing these relationships is key to Upside’s success.

Our customers and partners range from equipment manufacturers and developers to energy companies and funders. We are proud to work with some of the leading names in the energy industry.

We provide a SAAS offering to energy companies and in addition a SAAS+ offering to manufacturers where we also provide energy market access.

Open Innovation Collaboration Portal

Working with our partners, we have created the Upside Energy Open Innovation Collaboration Portal. This online resource is designed for university research students to collaborate with Upside Energy in developing applications (APs) to help us manage our ‘virtual energy store’.

We have created a host of resources about the Upside system so innovation can start right away. We have a catalogue of accessible data, a well designed RESTful API and a sandbox environment to help them start creating with us.

We are interested in how universities and their students can help us manage the energy store in a smarter way. There is no limit to what might add value to our cloud service, so if you are a social scientist, geologist, physicist, or statistician we are interested to hear your ideas.

To find out more please and to request access to our Collaboration Portal, please email info@upsideenergy.co.uk.